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Request the new guide, ” Sensory Trigger Tips for Lingering Speech Problems”. This FREE guide is helpful for those with moderate to mild aphasia and apraxia. It is recommended for those who can say some words and sentences yet have problems with word recall and finishing sentences as well as repetitious speech or word substitution. The suggested activities and techniques are for the person to practice as well as the caregiver or “speech helpers” assisting them. It’s helpful for those who have finished all or part of our kits and want more. To request it, click here. We will send it to you by email.

LENS Neurofeedback treatment

The most cutting edge treatment for stroke and traumatic brain injury that I've seen firsthand is LENS neurofeedback therapy. This type of therapy works especially well when combined with the Sensory Trigger Method.

Click here to see the series of video clips of type of treatment and recovery. It treats a broad range of cognitive and motor impairments caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury.

For more information go to Stone Mountain Center at

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Family Assisted Speech Recovery

Let me help you make a real breakthrough!

I can train your family how to work with you and help you start talking again--at your residence! I now have a private practice in Sensory Trigger Speech Recovery Training and Consulting in conjunction with the
Stone Mountain Counseling Center in New Paltz, NY.

Please call me at 845-382-9205 or email me to find out more about my personal training program in Sensory Trigger speech recovery and on-going speech practice. I offer personal training sessions at your location in the Hudson Valley and Catskill area of New York state. I also offer special phone consultations and web-cam real time video speech practice sessions on Skype (a free online service) for people out of the area--in fact, anywhere in the world.

In addition to Sensory Trigger speech practice training, I train the whole family to help with a wide range of problems including general communication, caregiving, depression, help with getting into government programs like the NY Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver program so they can get out of rehab and back to the community. I also provide up-to-date information on nutrition and special supplements, as well as, additional and alternative therapies for stroke and brain injury recovery. When there is no more money from insurance or government services for speech therapy, you still have options and time for speech recovery. Don't give up hope. Family and social interaction has been shown to be very effective, improving the chances of on-going speech recovery more than 85%. There is speech recovery "beyond speech therapy" if you are willing to learn and work each day.

Recent results of my work:

December 2010: Paul, 81 years old, living in a skilled nursing facility could only mumble unintelligible sounds. The first time I worked with him, I got him talking in about 15 minutes. He said "I can", "I feel" and "I want". His voice was weak and still muffled but it was clearly heard. With assistance, he held a pencil and scribbled on a piece of paper and then made ovals and up-down lines that are prerequisite for writing. His daughter is working with him and doing well.

Another person at a different skilled nursing facility has apraxia and was stuck at a certain level in speech. He still has a lot of repetitive speech blocking the expression of his brilliant mind. He works with friends everyday who have been trained and is working on the expressive sentence level tailored to speech and writing with a structure that will get him not only talking again, but reading again. (He wants very much to be able to read again.) He is delighted with the challenging exercises I have given him that produce clear, deliberate speech and his friends and family are very excited to see the new progress. -- (comments are posted with the family's permission)

The Sensory Trigger Method

My method stimulates the pathways from early childhood and the undamaged speech center on the other side of the brain. These special techniques are based on the brain research that shows that the other side of the brain can reconnect speech and that the brain can reorganize and grow new connections. This is called "brain plasticity". Our software programs, guides and materials will give you effective, motivating ways to make new pathways in the brain to unlock speech. Our innovative aphasia and apraxia speech practice program is designed to go beyond the limits of speech therapy and make speech recovery possible even in severe cases. It combines well with speech therapy, but can be used as a "stand alone" and done by anyone--even at home or by family members helping their loved ones in the hospital or care facility.

The difference between what we do
and other programs is how
sight, sound and touch
are integrated into every activity
to make new connections in the brain
for speech recovery.

Using the kinethetic-tactile sensory
neuro-pathways that connect from the
hand to the speech center
the Sensory Trigger Method really
does break through speech barriers.

Evidence Base For the Sensory Trigger Method: Evidence base documents, articles, resources 

The Sensory Trigger Method was clinically tested in 1991 by Larry A. Boles, M.S. CCC-SLP, University of California, Davis, Medical Center, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

All participants who had previously plateaued and were considered "untreatable" with speech therapy, benefited and showed significant improvement using the program and method.

With over 30 years of making breakthrough speech recoveries,
I'll be happy to help you!

-- Barbara Dean Schacker ~ Call me toll free at 1-877-835-3157 Pathways Publishing


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