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What do Speech Therapists have to say about Sensory Trigger MethodTM programs and materials?


Thank you for your interest and all you have done for aphasia therapy.

Bill Connors, M.A. CCC, SLP

Aphasia Center of Innovative Treatment

    William A. Connors, M.A. CCC, SLP has been a practicing Speech Therapist for 30 years with a specialty in aphasia and related adult acquired communication disorders. Bill’s professional credentials include:

  • 28 years as Director of the Speech Therapy Department at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Passavant Hospital;
  • Chairperson of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Speech Therapy Integration Committee (a 17 hospital system);
  • Founder and Facilitator of the Aphasia Support Group of Western Pennsylvania;
  • Founder and Director of the Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment Research and Education Center providing therapy to patients with aphasia from 27 different states and 3 countries;
  • Presenter at ASHA conventions, PSHA conventions, and Aphasia Grand Rounds, University of Pittsburgh Graduate Program of Communication Disorders and Sciences;
  • Clinical Supervisor at the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Clarion University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University;
  • Author of Coordinated Materials for Aphasia Therapy (COMAT 1)
  • Founder and Executive Director of The Aphasia Center of Innovative Treatment and

"I think that Speech Tree has many good features which are unique. I think that it is helpful for people to use- especially when they have telegraphic speech and are trying to expand their use of grammatically correct sentences. So many of those people need help with the "little words."…Your program is great when there is a person there to work with the client and to provide the strategies to help elicit correct utterances and then to provide feedback. It is a unique way to provide stimuli for the generation of verbal expression. I like your selection of practical words and sentences."

Joan L. Green, M.A. CCC_SLP
301-602-2899/ 1-800-IST-2550

I have been recommending your website to patients and other clinicians. Thanks for this valuable resource!

Krista Wasylenky M.S.CCC-SLP Reg. CASLPO Speech Language Pathologist


REVIEW -- University of California, Davis, Medical Center

"The most important question to be answered is whether patients will benefit from this program. The answer is a sounding 'YES!'".

Larry A. Boles, M.S. CCC-SLP
University of California, Davis
Medical Center, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Bridging the Gap

Many Speech Therapists and SLPs are looking for ways to get families involved! The Sensory Trigger Method is not speech therapy, but a technique that can be done by therapists or anyone, for that matter, who is interested in a way to engage intensive daily speech practice and enhance long-term speech recovery.

Innovative Speech Therapists are "bridging the gap" between what families can afford and training people in simple communication techniques that work. They are willing to move beyond the limitations of insurance and Medi-aid paid therapy--not just "treatment for profit". Our programs and materials "bridge the gap" by providing tools that are designed for the family and long-term speech practice.

Make your practice into Intensive Innovative Speech Therapy

Stroke Family can help you make it happen.

Bridging the Brain Research Gap

Brain Research from the 1970's on has been incorporated only spordically into the training of Speech Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. Stroke Family can help Speech Therapists access the research buried in libraries that did not make it into their regular training. The American Speech and Hearing Association is the best resource for this information, but since we continually update our guides and information, Stroke Family may give you information that you have not yet been aware of.

Stroke Family programs and materials ENHANCE therapy

Our materials have been used in conjunction with regular speech therapy in many different settings. The content and strategies in Stroke Family materials and programs are designed to be compatible with speech therapy. In fact, many report a distinct improvement in client response after they have worked everyday with the kinesthetic and multisensory techniques, which are the hallmarks of our approach. However, our speech practice programs and materials do not replace the expertise of speech therapists.

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