Remarkable recoveries even after formal speech therapy has ended

Stroke Family's Speech Recovery Membership

Good news! If you cant afford to buy our kits, weve found a new way for you to have programs and tools for speech recovery at a cost you can afford. When you join Stroke Familys Speech Recovery Club, you will receive links to the online versions of either Starter Kit Level One or Level Two when you pay for your membership. This will include links to program and downloadable guides and tracing sheets--everything that is normally in the kit on CD and in printed booklets. You can run the program and print out all the guides and materials you need. You will also receive free items and news from time to time via email.

Our special sliding scale membership is a response to the situation that many families are in--they just can't afford our kits.

The the cost of a $60 membership you can get one of the Starter Kits.

If you are in one of these situations, you qualify for this special membership offer:

  • Family living at or below the poverty level - Receive Medicaid, Medicare or Medical
  • Are unemployed
  • Have had to file for bankruptcy or are in the process of bankruptcy
  • Have lost your home to foreclosure in the housing and mortgage crisis
  • Self-employed but paid no income tax last year with no health insurance
  • Underemployed with no health insurance
  • Student with financial aid

If you fit into one of these categories call us to get your membership and receive links to your Speech Recovery Starter Kit online. We take Mastercard or Visa bank debit and credit Cards or you can arrange to mail a check to us.

To order or if you have any questions or need help but are not sure you qualify please call us toll free at: (855) 585-5350 OR 845-679-5364

or email us for more information: CLICK HERE

Membership fees are non-refundable. Resale of the program or documents is not allowed. Please do not share your links with anyone other than a family member member or friend who is going to be working with the person working on their speech.

Sales tax does not apply to membership fees.

The technical requirements are the same as stated on the regular order page. Printer required for tracing sheets and if you decide not to read the guides on-screen and want to print them out.


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