Remarkable recoveries even after formal speech therapy has ended.

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Johns Hopkins University Achievement Award

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Innovative programs and guides for Speech Recovery -

Sensory Trigger speech practice makes new pathways in the brain even years post stroke or brain injury!

What can you do when speech therapy has ended or when you stopped progressing with speech therapy? It's a fact that most people just don't get enough speech therapy. Insurance usually won't cover the ongoing intensive treatment that is needed and with cuts to medicaid and medicare you now get only a few sessions. This "too little" and "too short-term" approach almost never works. It's the sad truth that many people who have aphasia, apraxia, or other forms of speech loss don't recover--at least not to their full potential. Yet this doesn't have to be.

"I've been doing something new this past year--Sensory TriggerTM "Breakthrough Sessions" on Skype, a free video phone online. I discovered it rather accidentally, when a therapist I was talking to said that they weren't sure they could commit to the price of the Whole Speech Practice Kit. She had her client right there and asked if there was anything I could do to show them how the Sensory Trigger Method worked right then and there. I said, "Well, I've never done it over the phone, but, sure, we can try it." So I described how to do it. The therapist followed my instructions on what to do with his hand, the timing, etc while I was asking him to make certain sounds. These sounds led into key words. He said 3 words very quickly.This was great because this man had apraxia and was really "stuck".

But then I realized that I could alter it a bit and he might be able to say a sentence. So we tried that and it worked! They both were really surprised! He hadn't been able to say a sentence before! (And, it had only been 30 minutes--after 2 years of frustration! ) They ordered the kit with the guides to give him the structure on how to keep going--and how his family could now help him continue with this kind of speech recovery. It was a very happy ending for them and a happy new beginning for me and my speech recovery work.

After doing this with some others, I discovered I could get most people to say their first words, if not sentences, in about 30 minutes. When I tried it with Skype, it was even more effective. I was getting folks to say up to 10 or more different core conversational sentences in 30-45 minutes. Since then I've perfected this into the best technique I've ever done. The people who are progressing the most, have at least one session and buy the kit or programs to have the tools to follow through. Please visit or call the toll free number above for more information about the new "breakthrough sessions" and the Whole Speech Practice Kits and programs from" --Barbara Dean Schacker

The guides and daily Sensory Trigger activities and exercises help you apply what you learn in the software programs to what you need to say in your everyday life. This way, you don't become dependent on the computer programs and you continue to expand your speech as you go. Though other programs start with and use some of the same basic words, ours is the only one that builds upon the words you've learned to say and goes directly to connecting them to new words, using these words in a more conversational approach. Most important, no other program uses the Sensory Trigger MethodTM to trigger new speech spontaneously for years to come.

Stroke Family was born out of the same experience you've had. Because we've helped thousands of people recover their speech after brain injury and stroke...we know we can help you!

Our speech recovery programs and kits use the Sensory Trigger Method to tap into brain pathways from early childhood and the undamaged speech center on the other side of the brain. These special techniques are based on the brain research that shows that the other side of the brain can reconnect speech and that the brain can reorganize and grow new connections. This is called "brain plasticity". Our software programs, guides and materials will give you effective, motivating ways to make new pathways in the brain to unlock speech. Our innovative aphasia and apraxia speech practice program is designed to go beyond the limits of speech therapy and make speech recovery possible even in severe cases. It combines well with speech therapy, but can be used as a "stand alone" and done by anyone--even at home or by family members helping their loved ones in the hospital or care facility.

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The difference between what we do
and other programs is how
sight, sound and touch
are integrated into every activity
to make new connections in the brain
for speech recovery.

Using the kinesthetic-tactile sensory
neuro-pathways that connect from the
hand to the speech center
the Sensory Trigger Method really
does break through speech barriers.

Personal Sensory TriggerTM Training teaches you how to bring back speech in everyday life situations, so you will go beyond just talking with the computer programs.

Follow Michael's amazing speech recovery after a massive traumatic brain injury. He continues to work everyday to recover his speech and writing. Watch these Videos clips showing stages of his remarkable progress. More

Combined with the use of the most frequently spoken words and conversational words, the method and materials take most of the frustration out of getting speech back. We have proved that even in "hopeless" cases, speech recovery is still possible using the Sensory Trigger Method. In addition, we have shown that the time frame for recovery is up to two years and beyond--not six months as previously believed. This is why we have had so much success, even with "untreatable" cases of aphasia. How Barbara Dean Schacker discovered the Sensory Trigger: Story of my father's amazing speech recovery.

BIG NEWS! Our speech recovery sessions have a 96% success rate according to results of our yearly evaluation report.

We tracked the rate of success of the online training sessions from the Spring of 2014 through the Spring of 2015. 96% of those who had just the first session successfully learned the method and techniques, said first words (and often full sentences) and gave a positive response when asked what they thought of the session at the end---regardless of the level of speech disability. Generally, those who regained the most and continued to progress after the first session had both a combination of sessions used along with the kits or programs.

Studies have shown that "Intensive Speech Therapy" programs are 85% more effective than 1 or 2 times a week therapy sessions. Yet these programs are hard to find and are expensive. With our Whole Speech Practice Kits, families and therapists now have a way to provide intensive speech recovery programs, even when time with the patient is severely limited by insurance cut-offs or Medicare limitations. Our family friendly programs and materials bring everyone together. It is also now known that social and family interaction can make the difference between a person who recovers their speech and those who do not. The Sensory Trigger Method, is a daily, go-at-your-own-pace speech practice and interaction that really works. The Sensory Trigger MethodTM and our Speech Practice Kits are easily integrated into speech therapy programs and aphasia support groups. Professionally evaluated and clinically tested.

Evidence Base For the Sensory Trigger MethodTM: Evidence base documents, articles, resources 

The Sensory Trigger Method was clinically tested in 1991 by Larry A. Boles, M.S. CCC-SLP, University of California, Davis, Medical Center, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -

All participants who had previously plateaued and were considered "untreatable" with speech therapy, benefited and showed significant improvement using the program and method.

Here's what one person said about our programs: "It's been an amazing first week". "That's been very, very effective for him". "Before the speech therapist asked him, "Do you think you are better?" and he shook his head "no". But when she asked the same question after just one week using the Sensory Trigger programs, the response to the same question was, "it's coming"....with a smile.



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